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DLTZ4系列 双倍电磁失电制动器
    这种制动器具有结构紧凑、安装方便、适用性广、噪声低、工作频次高、动作灵敏、制动可靠等优点、是一种理想的自动化执行 元件。
The DLTZ brake is fricative braking device automatically set to working by a spring when a power-cut occurs.As a major access-ory to our new YEJ series of three-phase motors,it,s widely applicable in machine tools andin machineries for metallurgy. Construction, chemistry, food-processing and packing etc.,to secure a prompt and
accurate braking effect.
Because of its small size.light weight low noise and high reliability, it is widely accepted as an dieal piece of automation equipment.